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Cruisers Spare Parts Kits

We all know how difficult it can be while cruising to obtain spare parts for the thousands of components aboard your boat.

Flagship Marine intentionally designs it's products to be easily diagnosed and inexpensive to repair should the need arise, which is a primary reason why we are so popular with not only the military, but also commercial operators, pleasure craft and cruisers as well.

Almost invariably repairs can be made without the need to call in a highly trained and expensive HVAC technician, and you will not find any expensive proprietary printed circuit boards in a Flagship Marine unit.

Most repairs are limited to replacing a $22.95 relay, or a $26.95 time delay module, possibly a $15.95 transformer or a $22.75 freeze control switch. All of these components are readily available and take only minutes to replace, however for your convenience we have packaged a kit for those of you that want the security of having these parts on board should a voltage spike or low voltage episode damage these components.Following is a list of components we supply for models from 6,500 BTU's to 20,000 BTUs.Cruisers Spare Parts Kit for FMAC6R, FMAC9R, FMAC12R, FMAC16R, FMAC16PLP& FMAC20R

Cost is ONLY $79.95


1 - Relay - the three relays in these units are identical, one for the blower, one for the compressor/pump, and one for the heating element.

1 - Time delay module

1 - Transformer

1 - Freeze control switch

1 - Breaker - this is the internal circuit breaker in the unit

Digital control - Optional - additional $64.95 (without the stainless steel faceplate which can be reused)

Raw Water pump - Optional - additional $109.95 for the MS320, $129.95 for the MS580, $139.95 for the MS900, $159.95 for the MS1200 (without mounting brackets which can be reused)

Color coded detailed schematic, troubleshooting guide and component installation instructions.

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