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Sistemas Marinos de A/C de Techo Techno/Marine Enfriado por Aire de Coleman/RVP

The placement of your control is critical for its proper operation. Place it on an interior bulkhead, in a location that is protected from direct sunlight,the direct discharge of the air conditioning unit, and avoid a non-insulated engine room bulkhead that may be warm.

We suggest replacing the two AA batteries every 24 months - these are easily accessible by removing the four stainless Phillips screws on the faceplate as depicted below.

Simply connect the four color coded wires to your A/C unit by simply matching up their colors. (the "RC" and "RH" are jumpered together so attach the red to either one)
Take advantage of the programmability of this versatile controller or simply select a temperature to maintain constantly.

The controller has a back-lit display for easy operation even in complete darkness.
Personalize Your Thermostat!

We will laser etch your vessel name here
for only $35.00!

Several Colors Available.

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