Electric Only, Marine and Recreational Vehicle Central Heating Systems

These incredibly safe, effective and reliable heating systems have been heating the US and Canadian Coast Guard's survival craft for several years in the most extreme and demanding environmental conditions imaginable - from Alaska, the Great Lakes and Maine, to the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico, since 1995.

We have thousands of these heating elements in service for many years! - Photo courtesy of Textron Marine & Land Systems

U. S. Coast Guard boat

Typical 2KW top discharge system with plenum:

top discharge marine heater with plenum

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Typical 2KW top discharge system: 

top discharge marine heater

Our powerful and exclusive 2KW incoloy clad heating element is an inherently safe low temperature element - almost identical to the one in your home oven. It never gets red hot and therefore doesn't "burn" the air.

Mounted safely inside the discharge throat of a quiet but powerful 495 CFM squirrel cage blower motor, in combination with our three 4" discharge grills, these systems will de-stratify the air in your boat or RV without excessive drafts.

Three "fail safe" (In the highly unlikely event of a failure, these switches "fail safe" in the open position so the heater is not energized) klixon safety switches monitor this element. Two controlling klixons as well as a blower post purge klixon which dissipates the remaining heat once the thermostat is satisfied makes this the safest and most reliable means of heating your boat or RV.

Ideal for Marine applications, this system works in or out of the water.

 incoloy clad
                  heating element

This is a true "Central Heating System" that will operate with any standard wall thermostat, however our flush mounted digital control is very attractive and functional, giving you a great deal of control.

 digital control

Attractive, flush mounted digital control.

Available in black or white background.

You can use a simple manual override or take advantage of the eight programs available.

 Complete Installation Kits come with everything needed to install the unit except for the power supply wire and breaker.

Multiple grills and ALUMINUM plenum are standard - Our duct kits come with an aluminum plenum and directional grills - There are no galvanized sheet metal components.

                  fiberglass fabric flex duct with flame retardant
                  coating - UL Class-1 - Thermaflex & discharge


Totally pre-wired - All of our units are totally pre-wired onto two clearly marked terminal blocks - any standard thermostat will operate all of our units. Our emphasis is on simplicity of design while incorporating the highest quality components with multiple safety controls.

Exceptional Safety - Built in circuit breaker and triple heating element safety controls make our units the safest available!

 side unit

 Complete Systems Include:

Either vertical or side discharge unit on a 300 series marine stainless steel chassis

 vertical unit


 Attractive flush mounted programmable digital control mounted on a 300 series stainless steel faceplate in white or black background with 15' of 22 AWG tinned, stranded four conductor control wire.

The thermistor of this control actually measures the faceplate temperature, giving you unsurpassed temperature control.


 Aluminum discharge plenum with aluminum collars and wire ties for a simple and neat installation of the ductwork.

                    discharge plenum collar

                  fiberglass fabric flex duct with flame retardant
                  coating - UL Class-1 - Thermaflex & discharge

 Heavy walled 4" diameter woven fiberglass fabric flex duct with flame retardant coating - UL Class-1 - Thermaflex.

4" plastic discharge grills in white, black or walnut - rotate 360 for excellent directional control and air de-stratification - teak grills are available for an additional fee, however you will have better control of the discharge air with these round directional grills.

Aluminum return grill with filter - teak available for an additional fee.

Easy to follow installation instructions.

The placement of your control is critical for its proper operation. Place it on an interior bulkhead, in a location that is protected from direct sunlight,the direct discharge of the air conditioning unit, and avoid a non-insulated engine room bulkhead that may be warm.

We suggest replacing the two AA batteries every 24 months - these are easily accessible by removing the four stainless Phillips screws on the faceplate as depicted below.

Simply connect the four color coded wires to your A/C unit by simply matching up their colors. (the "RC" and "RH" are jumpered together so attach the red to either one)
Take advantage of the programmability of this versatile controller or simply select a temperature to maintain constantly.

The controller has a back-lit display for easy operation even in complete darkness.
Personalize Your Thermostat!

We will laser etch your vessel name here
for only $35.00!

Several Colors Available.

Factory Direct Sales and Dealer Prices

Suggested Retail Price - add 25%

No sales tax unless shipped to a Florida address!



BTUs of Heat

Unit with Digital Control Only

Unit With Digital Control and Installation Kit


6,842 - 2KW




13,684 - 4KW




20,526 - 6KW




 27,368 - 8KW



All prices FOB Stuart, Florida. For 230 volt 50/60 Hz add $39.00, 380/3 andhigher voltages add $125.00. All equipment shipped to a Florida location

are subject to a 7% sales tax unless we have an original sales tax exemption certificate on file at our offices.

Approximate Specifications

For the 2 & 4KW models add about five inches to the height for a top discharge or to the length for a side discharge, and about 8" for the 6 & 8KW models for the discharge plenum.

Allow at least 1" clearance in all directions - at least 2" on the suction side of the blower to avoid restricting the airflow.

Power requirements - For the 2KW model - 25 amp breaker@120VAC or 15 amp breaker @240VAC 50/60Hz. Use at least 12 gauge wire for runs up to 30' 10 gauge wire for runs up to 50' (115V - step down one size for 230V). For larger units consult with your electrician.


BTUs of heating

 Number of 4" discharge grills supplied

 KW of electric heat

 Length in inches

Width in inches

 Height in inches

 Amps 115/230

 Weight pounds






































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