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Installation Instructions

 Our number one priority has always been and will always be SAFETY

Please follow these few simple rules for the safe operation of our systems:

1. Do not install these units in the engine room or bilge:

Unlike a fossil fueled heater, an electric heater cannot produce carbon monoxide, however the powerful blower motor will suck air from whatever compartment it is in and blow this air into the living quarters of the boat or RV. The carbon monoxide from a generator exhaust leak is by far the most severe hazard, and this equipment is not ignition protected, so always install this equipment inside the living quarters of the boat or RV. If installed under the V or in a locker that has wiring or plumbing chases to the bilge, these areas should be made airtight so that the return air is supplied via the return grill only.

Ideal locations are under a couch or settee, under the galley or kitchen counter, at the top of a locker, etc.. Remember, you want to recirculate the inside air of the boat or RV with this equipment.

2. For added protection, we factory install circuit breakers on all of our equipment, however you should power this device by a properly sized wire on a maximum 25 amp breaker (15@230V). #12 wire is acceptable for runs of less than 30', #10 is acceptable for up to 50'. In marine applications, GFI (ground fault interrupt) breakers are a great idea as well. Be sure to follow the simple and clearly marked color coded wires - the fused line is black, the neutral is white and the ground is green.

3. Use our supplied aluminum plenum, UL approved duct, all three discharge grills and the return grill - any restriction on either the discharge or suction side of the blower will increase the temperature differential and possibly make the heating element cycle off on one of the duplicative, fail safe, overheat protectors that are wired in series.

4. Keep at least one inch of clearance in all directions so that the blower can get fresh air to cool and the suction of the blower has no restriction. We suggest at least 2" of clearance on the suction side of the blower. Do not use the compartment the unit is in for storage - you will eventually restrict the air flow.

5. Regularly clean or replace the return air filter, especially if you have a pet.


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