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Air Cooled: Chiller, Split System, Self-Contained & Explosion-Proof Systems
Prices and Specifications

Self-Contained Systems Prices and Specifications

Chilled Water Systems
(Water or Air Cooled)

Prices and Specifications

Marine Pumps


Fernstrum Keel Coolers & Heat Exchangers


High-Pressure Systems (for ships and large commercial vessels) Prices and Specifications

Air Cooled Rooftop AC Systems by Coleman/RVP


Heat-Only Systems
Prices and Specifications

  Reverse cycle heat vs Electric heat

Properly size your boat BEFORE you charge ahead!

  Multiple Unit Installations

Flagship digital control

Flagship Installation kits

Different types of systems

12-24 Volt DC Systems

Installation do's and don'ts

Commercial operators

Mfg. comparison

  Fresh Water Cooling

Cruisers spare parts kit

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