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How to properly size your boat or RV for a central heating system:

To properly size your particular application there are many factors that need to be considered: your climate, the size of the area you wish to heat, the insulation and windows designed into your particular boat or RV, etc.

In most applications one of our systems will heat about 225 square feet of living space - a typical motorhome or up to a 35' boat. This of course depends on all of the above factors.

A 2KW heating element will produce 6,842 BTUs of heat energy per hour, and when combined with the heat produced by the blower, you will realize about 7,000BTUs from our system per hour. To give this some perspective, an average sized home typically has a 10KW heating element if fitted with electric heat.

If a larger propane furnace runs 30% of the time to keep up with the thermal load, the electric heat may need to run 60% of the time to give you the same amount of heat - remember that BTUs are rated on a per hour basis.

The combination of our elements with the powerful blower motor make these systems truly remarkable - for years we have been heating vessels in the Great Lakes, the Northeast US, the West Coast and for the past two years even the Canadian Coast Guard - year-round!



Purchase a unit, temporarily place it on the counter or floor, surface run the ducts and crank it up with a properly sized extension cord.

If you are not completely satisfied, return it within 10 days and incur only a 10% restocking fee. We doubt you will!

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