About Us

Our Mission:

Made in the USA Since 1995

At Flagship Marine, we are dedicated to providing the most dependable, and the most rugged commercial/military quality air conditioning and chiller units available. When downtime can equal lost dollars, the durable and dependable Flagship Chillers are money in the bank.



Flagship Chillers incorporates only the highest quality component, such as the 10,15, and 30-ton GEA evaporators (left) manufactured right here in the States.


On-site design engineer with the latest SolidWorks software available can tackle just about any task. Whatever your requirements, we can custom create a chiller system just for you.

Our Craft:

To make the very best in chillers we put the very best materials in the hands of skilled technicians. Every Flagship Marine unit is made in the USA with only domestic metal alloys. The evaporator housings, drain pans, electrical boxes are made of 5005 marine-grade aluminum. 316 marine grade stainless steel is used in all stainless components.

The Results:

24/7 365 Days/Year Since 1997 – 20 Years & Still in Service


This is how long Flagship Marine self-contained units have been on about 200 of the most severe duty US Coast Guard vessels from the Arctic to the Caribbean. The 47 MLB fleet – the self-righting rescue vessels that take a pounding.

24/7 365 Days/Year Since 2006 – 10 Years & Still in Service


This is how long Flagship Marine chilled water systems have been on board the US Navy’s Cyclone class patrol ships – the most extreme duty cruiser – the 176′ Patrol Craft in our 5th Fleet stationed in the North Atlantic and Mid-East.

Our Projects:


Hornblower Infinity


SV Oliver Hazard Perry


NY Waterway


Long Beach Fire Boat


MV Astra


MV Peace of Africa