Heat Exchangers

Now you can benefit from the numerous advantages of self-contained systems without pumping sea water throughout your vessel.
With a flooded system, you eliminate the head pressure from distances ADWL – only frictional losses need to be considered, which is ideal for multi-level applications and installations well above the water line, such as large ships and oil rigs.
Pumping fresh cooling water, considering only frictional losses, can be thought of like supplying electricity- as long as the pressure is maintained on the supply line with atmospheric pressure on the discharge line (return line), it’s easy to control the amount of cooling water to multiple individual units, even with multi-level installations.
You can eliminate the heat exchanger and raw water pump depicted below by using a keel cooler – our staff will assist you in deciding what system best suits your needs.
Cooling with fresh water eliminates the sinking hazard and corrosion that sea raw water brings, and the basic room temperature cooling water of these systems eliminates the need to insulate the water lines, greatly reducing your installation expense in labor and material.
Specifically designed and manufactured for Flagship Marine to our highest continuous duty/commercial quality standards by Sen-DureĀ®, an industry leader in the heat exchanger industry since 1947, we have specified a very heavy, slick walled(not rifled or knurled with thin spots) 0.032″AW (average wall), large 3/8″ diameter 90/10 CuNi (Cupronickel – NOT copper) tubes and 90/10 CuNi tube sheet within a heavy gauged copper shell and copper end plates for unsurpassed durability even in the most severe marine conditions.
Our design, the “FMI” series of the Sen-DureĀ® heat exchangers, enables very easy tube cleaning by removing the two end plates, making mechanical and/or chemical cleaning a cinch every few years.

Typical Heat Exchanger Specifications:
5 tons of cooling (60,000 BTUs) – 4″ dia x 36″ Long
10 tons of cooling (120,000 BTUs) – 5″ dia x 40″ Long
15 tons of cooling (180,000 BTUs) – 6″ dia x 54″ Long
25 tons of cooling (300,000 BTUs) – 8″ dia x 40″ Long
50 tons of cooling (600,000 BTUs) – 8″ dia x 72″ Long
(Lengths are tube bundle lengths – add about 6″ for overall lengths)