Flagship’s Exclusive Diagnostic Monitors Use Time Tested
“Over the Counter” ICM Modules

With Flagship there are no expensive proprietary printed circuit boards. No highly trained technician needed, typically a voltmeter and a screwdriver is all that is needed to make most repairs!

Low Voltage Control Module

All Flagship Chillers have a low voltage control module with clearly labeled LEDs advising the end user specifically what has tripped the chiller, be it high or low refrigerant pressure, freeze control protection as well as low chilled water flow.

What sets Flagship Marine apart from our competition is our belief in the KISS principle (Keep It Simple, Sailor). This has guided our component selection and design emphasis for many years. We brag that even a child can follow our schematics!

Look at this single compressor chiller electric box. All the components are “over the counter” at a fraction of typical costs in our industry. The most expensive item here is less than $53.00!