Chilled Water Fan Coils

Typical single-evaporator chilled water fan coil features:
• Precision-engineered 16-gauge anodized aluminum chassis, drain pan, and evaporator housing is lightweight and corrosion resistant.
• Drain pan under the evaporator only. This results in a dry chassis and no condensate sloshing.
• Engineered hat-section reinforcing plat provides exceptional strength and lightweight
• Incredibly rugged and simple over-the-counter components in electric box - no proprietary, expensive printed circuit boards.
• Whisper-quiet Dayton split-pole blower motors, absent the humming sounds of variable speed DC motors.

The optional heat can be one of our legendary incoloy clad electric elements in the fan coil (shown), an in line oil fired boiler, an electric element in the chiller, or reverse cycle.
We prefer the electric elements in the fan coils because the entire system is shut down when in the heating season - the only moving part is the blower motor when heat is called for.
We have had tens of thousands of these elements in service for many years - they are extremely safe and basically indestructible.