Some advice and common sense about warranties:

As with most contracts, the first and most important thing to read in any warranty is the smallest print… unless it’s a “No questions asked” warranty (which they never are). Almost all warranties are only as good as the honor of the company standing behind it. Some companies have literally NEVER performed on their warranty because it is NEVER the fault of the product. “I know this compressor is only two months old, but it obviously failed from low voltage (or high voltage, or a lightning strike, or it’s burned from a lack of cooling water – TAKE YOUR PICK.)”.

The most wonderful sounding and comprehensive warranty can be absolutely worthless. In some cases, they offer extended warranties for a handsome fee, which are again absolutely worthless with the wrong company – save your money. These are nothing more than a very lucrative alternate profit center. We do not offer “extended warranties” for a fee and we do stand behind our products.


Flagship Marine, Inc. warrants its products to the original purchaser against defects in material and workmanship for a period as follows:

  • Condenser, chassis, compressor, evaporator – five years parts and one year labor (commercial & military one-year P&L)
  • Controls, pump, blower – one-year parts and labor

The following conditions may void warranty;

  • Damage due to fire, flood, impact, abuse.
  • Attempted repairs not specifically authorized by Flagship Marine.
  • Any act of God such as lightning strike damage.
  • Any damage caused by improper, inadequate or inconsistent power supply.
  • Pump damage due to running dry.
  • Damage caused by improper installation or misuse.

Flagship Marine will not be liable for any consequential damages due to the use or installation of any of its products. If, after communicating with Flagship Marine a warranty repair is deemed necessary, owner, at owners sole expense will ship to Flagship Marine the defective product that will be repaired or replaced at Flagship Marines’ option. Please save the original receipt and shipping carton in case a warranty repair is necessary.

If you use the services of an authorized Flagship Marine dealer, we will cover the parts and labor pursuant to this warranty as if the unit were “on the bench”- we will not cover the service call or any labor expense to access the unit. Charges to “remove and replace” the unit and travel time etc., are not covered expenses.

This warranty does not warrant the suitability of FLAGSHIP MARINE products to any application. FLAGSHIP MARINE does not warrant the installation of its products. Adequate cooling and/or heating capacity is the responsibility of the purchaser. FLAGSHIP MARINE takes no responsibility for component selection or sizing of units. This limited warranty does not cover:

  • Subsequent damage due to condensate leakage, electrolysis, refrigerant leaks, and/or water line leaks.
  • Damage caused by oversized circuit breakers or fuses, undersized or inadequate wiring, etc.
  • Component damage from improper (too high or too low) voltages.
  • Freeze damage of any kind to evaporators or condensers.
  • Inadequate efficiency due to improper duct system sizing and/or component location.
  • Damage caused by improper or incomplete winterizing of FLAGSHIP MARINE products.
  • Damage caused by lack of, or improper periodic maintenance.

All products shipped FOB Stuart, FL. Restocking fee for returned merchandise is 20%. No returns allowed on custom designed equipment.

Unless an authorized Flagship Marine dealer has been retained to handle a warranty issue, all warranty work must be performed by our personnel at our Stuart, Florida factory location. Before sending a warranty repair to our Stuart, FL location you must obtain an RMA (return merchandise authorization) – freight collect and CODs will not be accepted. All legal complaints must be addressed in Martin County, Florida.