Isotherm Cruise Classic 220 Combi Stainless Steel

Isotherm Cruise Classic 220 Combi Stainless Steel

The Isotherm Cruise 220 COMBI Fridge/Freezer is an extra large unit that combines a 4.6 cubic foot fridge over a 3.2 cubic foot freezer. This combination gives boaters more volume in a upright fridge/freezer finished in INOX Stainless Steel.

Thanks to the modular concept of the COMBI line, different combinations can be accomplished which includes an elegant stainless steel flush frame. Interesting hybrid mixes are now possible, by composing a unique frame fridge or freezers, as well as standard front door opening up to state of the art drawer units. Available on 220 (Cruise Fridge/Freezer) 260 (Cruise Fridge/Drawer Fridge) and 320 liters (Cruise 160 Fridge/Double Drawer 160, as per current model range) the series will be soon implemented by increasing products and possible combinations. Stainless steel finishing with special flush flange supplied as standard.

Retail Price: $4,192

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