MSI Air Divider Adapter Y – Various Sizes

MSI Air Divider Adapter Y – Various Sizes

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MSI Air Divider Adapter Y – Various Sizes

Whatever your choice, wood-framed or plastic-framed grilles, you will require a way to effectively duct the chilled air to them. We offer a wide selection of plastic ducting products from the hose adapter on the air handler to the transitions behind the grilles. This adapter box is made of ABS plastic and is designed to be used with MSI grilles and ducting.

Inlet Fittings: There are five basic Air Divider bodies (4″-8″). MSI has seven adapter inlet fittings (3″- 9″) and seven hose inlet fittings (3″-9″), currently putting the 3″ on the 4″ body and the 9″ on the 8″ body.

Outlet Fittings: There are seven possible outlet sizes from 2″ – 8″. The maximum outlet size is controlled by the body size which is controlled by the inlet size.

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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in


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